A Raven R20 Race car in a red, white, and green racing livery drifting around a handling circuit in a (closed) car park.

Raven R20 "Supporter Edition"

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This is the only valid place to purchase the Raven R20. If you see anyone else attempting to sell it, please Get in touch.

Important Information

Please make sure to read and understand this page before purchasing.

This transaction is not affiliated with BeamNG Gmbh

What is included?

  • The "supporter edition" adds the "Race Pro" and "Rally" models on top of those included in the "free edition"
  • A rally version of the R20 driving on a sweeping muddy s-bend in a forest environment. A rally version of the R20 driving on a sweeping muddy s-bend in a forest environment.
  • These models both feature a widebody kit with revised geometry which is not available in the "free edition"

How is it distributed?

  • You will be given an invitation to the discord server (Will be sent to your listed email)
  • From there you can download the current version of the Raven R20
  • Please be aware that this is not automated, I aim to be as quick as possible, but there will inevitably be some delay in fulfilment

Will there be future updates?

  • The Raven R20 is provided "as is"
  • There is no guarantee of future updates, or compatibility with future BeamNG updates
  • If updates become available, you will be notified through the updates section of the Discord server
  • These future updates will be provided free of charge

Redistribution / Piracy

  • You may NOT redistribute your copy of the Raven R20
  • You may NOT sell copies of the Raven R20
  • If you are found to be distributing the R20 (enabling piracy), no further services will be provided to you (including updates and discord server access), and you may not (re)purchase or access any services
  • Piracy is not tolerated, no warnings will be given

How are payments handled?

  • Payments are handled via Stripe


  • It is recommended that you download and test the "free" edition (link) before purchasing
  • I cannot offer refunds if you change your mind after purchasing. All sales are final. This policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.
  • If your item is not delivered due to a mistake on my behalf, you are entitled to a refund


  • You are free to make videos containing the Raven R20 (and are encouraged to do so)
  • At my sole discretion, I can provide free copies to YouTubers depending on channel size and audience. Drop me an email if you are interested and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Access codes will ONLY be sent to the email address listed on your channels "about" page. This is to prevent fraud.
  • You can profit from these videos, and they can be sponsored. However, you may not use the Raven R20 directly to sell or advertise a product or service. To provide further context, advertising your own merch in a video is fine, providing the Raven R20 does not form part of your merch advert.
  • If you do make a video, thank you! It would be appreciated if you could add a link to the mod page on the BeamNG website in the description. However, this is not a requirement.


  • For general mod support, ask in the Discord server
  • Please do not post personal information in the discord server
  • For anything else: webmaster@alwyn.tech